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Andrew Lee

Tue, 6th December 2016

This was my first time (and won't be last) to visit Nepal and explore some nature there. I didn't plan anything and ran into Suresh who introduced me all the fun stuff to do in Nepal. Due to my short stay, he recommended me to visit Sarangkot (near Pokhara) for a 4 days short trip including a 2 days hike. It was a fun trip and I get to see a lot. (P.S. I don't have enough time, otherwise, I would of try out poonhill or ABC). The time I went, it was a bit harsh due to fuel and gas shortage, but I'm totally cool with that, I don't mind cooking with woods and rocks :) and that was exactly what happened when I visited Sarangkot (a little village in Pokhara). I was lucky perhaps to have a gourmet style dinner cooked by wood, etc. for that night. I would recommend ppl try out their local food Dal Bhat (free refill, and adjust the portion as you need) and it is really good value that contains all the nutrition I need for the hiking trip. Don't forget to bring a mask with you if you are sating in Kathmandu, the pollution is quite serious, but it improves a lot when you get out of Kathmandu, on my way to Pokhara, I can feel it, so for travelers that have sensitive respiratory issues, etc., make sure you avoid the pollution in the capital (only in Kathmandu though). On the way to Pokhara, the ride was really bumpy due to gravel road and the road condition in Nepal, plus fuel shortage, it took 1 hour longer then expected (6-8 hours by bus, and vice versa) to Pokhara, so do plan ahead if you are heading there. Their high way is mountain road, not straight express high way like in the states, and that's what you get :) There are 4 pit stops on the way so you could get water or some food on the way, and a 30 minutes stop for lunch. Glad I had Sobit (my personal tour guy, and he's pretty chill too) accompanied me to communicate in Napali, I do find it a bit difficult to understand local culture and things if you don't speak the language, however, English works fine if you are just buying stuff. I also learned how to read and speak 0-9 in Napali :) thanks to Sobit teaching me on the way. Don't forget to try out their fruit, orange, apple, papaya, etc. fresh juice. P.S. Do be careful with water though including ice cubes, you DO want to make sure all water is filtered including the ice cubes, and consume bottled/canned drinks if you aren't sure. I learned this from Philippine, and it looks like it applies to Nepal as well. A tip on the bus, since the road is bumpy, if you need to use the restroom, you have to wait, and b/c of the bumpy road, it actually made my life tougher to hold, so do plan a bit on how much fluid your drinking between each stop. Pokhara air is a lot better, and I would recommend you to take the boat ride at Phewa Lake around noon (December). During my stay, there was heavy fog and haze in the early morning, I would recommend around noon or late afternoon to check out the lake if you have time. By the way, you can always arrange cab or private driver, it is not that expensive if you want some insurance or a smooth ride instead of hardcore walking, up to you, just ask. I also went to Devil Falls, Tibetan Refugees Camp, etc. in Pokhara. I would kudo to them (Suresh and Sobit), without their recommendation and Sobit's accompany, I believe my first experience in Nepal won't be so great and worry-free without them. I would recommend you guys to check out their service and recommendations.

Andrew Lee, China

Patrick Baldwin

Fri, 8th January 2016

Annapurna Trekking: Sunrise is the best!!” Our trip to Nepal was an incredible experience, combining the world's finest mountain scenery, vibrant culture, cuisine and good people. We were extremely lucky to have found the folks at Sunrise Adventure Treks. Being that it was just the two of us and we were looking for an "authentic and adventurous" experience, we were considering the option of not using a guide for our 6-day trek. Looking back, it was the right decision (complete luck! the best!) to travel with a guide, and Ramesh from Sunrise was a blessing. Not only did he make sure we were well taken care of, he also pushed us on the trekking portion - encouraging us to go farther and faster than we would have on our own. It was grueling at times, but very gratifying in that we were able to cover so much terrain and take in so many new experiences. Having a guide also exposed us and helped us better understand the subtleties of Nepali home life, cuisine, and religion... all things you may not be exposed to without the help or direction of a local, world-class guide. I highly recommend Sunrise Adventure for any activities in Nepal. They are good people who are very experienced in this business. I promise you will have a wonderful time and will gain new lifelong friends!

Patrick Baldwin, Australia

Patrick Beinke

Tue, 22nd December 2015

Suresh is the best! He organised our whole itinerary whilst in Nepal including hiring of cars to planes with all the adventure thrown in. He got us the best prices for everything and we know because two of my fellow travellers are from Nepal. He organised accommodation in some really nice hotels with good toilet paper :) this is essential for westerners whilst travelling. Highly recommend these guys to use.

Patrick Beinke, France, Metropolitan

Abanoub N Keriackus

Sat, 12th December 2015

Suresh (The Owner) was a great help in organizing my stay there in Nepal, and Sobit (Authorized trekking Guide) guided me through my trek to poonhill. Thank you Suresh for your great help, and for organizing a non-forgettable trek. Thank you Sobit for being a great company during my best experience so far.

Abanoub N Keriackus, United Kingdom

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