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  • What is trekking?

    Trekking is a type of outdoor activity that involves hiking or walking through natural terrain, such as mountains, forests, or national parks. Trekking can be done as a day trip or as an extended adventure lasting several days or even weeks.

  • What is a tour company?

    A tour company is a business that organizes and sells guided tours or trips for travelers. These companies typically provide transportation, accommodations, and other services to make the trip more enjoyable and hassle-free for travelers.

  • What kind of tours do you offer?

    Our tour company offers a variety of tours, including trekking, hiking, and walking tours in some of the most beautiful natural areas in the world. We also offer cultural and historical tours that allow travelers to explore the rich history and traditions of the places they visit.

  • Do I need to be an experienced hiker to go on a trekking tour?

    Not necessarily. Many of our trekking tours are designed for people of all fitness levels, and our experienced guides will provide instruction and support to help you enjoy your trek. However, some of our more challenging treks may require a higher level of fitness and experience.

  • Can I customize my tour?

    Yes, we offer customizable tours that allow you to create a trip that is tailored to your interests and preferences. Our experienced travel consultants will work with you to create a personalized itinerary that meets your needs.

  • How do I book a tour?

    You can book a tour with us by visiting our website or contacting us by phone or email. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with choosing the right tour and making your reservation.

  • Are your tours all-inclusive?

    Yes, our tours are all-inclusive, which means that all transportation, accommodations, meals, and activities are included in the price of the tour. This allows you to relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about additional expenses.

  • Do you offer discounts for groups?

    Yes, we offer discounts for groups of 8 or more people. Contact us for more information about group rates and discounts.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Our cancellation policy varies depending on the tour you have booked. Please refer to the terms and conditions on our website or contact us for more information.

  • Do you offer travel insurance?

    Yes, we offer travel insurance that provides coverage for unexpected events such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and lost or damaged luggage. Please contact us for more information about our travel insurance options.

  • Do you accept Debit/Credit cards?

    Yes, for as long as your issuing bank allows wither your Visa or Master debit/credit card to be transacted online. If you want to be sure, please contact your issuing bank first.

  • Can I Pre-book a single room and/ or tent for my trip? We

    We offer both single hotel rooms and single tents for a supplementary cost ( depending on availability) for most of our trips, however we do not guarantee any single room in a teahouse base trek in a high trek such as EBC, Annapurna Circuit, Manaslu. If you are three person and book a trip, we do not charge single supplement for third person unless you ask single room. Details of availability and prices cab be found on the detes and prices page of each trip on this website. Alternatively, call the TREKKING TEAM GROUP offer for more information.

  • Where can I fly in Nepal?

    So far Kathmandu is the only international airport to arrive in Nepal from any other countries by air.

  • How can I get visa in Nepal?

    Tourist entry visa can be obtained for the following duration embassy/ consulate or Mission offices abroad, or at the folowwing immigration offices in Nepal.

    Tribhuban International Airport, Kathamndu 
    Kakarvitta, Jhapa (Eastern Nepal)
    Birganj, Parsa ( Central Nepal)
    Kodari, Sindhupalchowk (Northern Border)
    Belhiya, Bhairahawa ( Rupendehi, Western Nepal)
    Jamuna, Nepalgunj ( Banke, Mid Western Nepal)
    Mohana, Dhangadhi ( Kailali, Far Western Nepal)
    Gaddachauk, Mahendranagar ( Kanchanpur, Far Western Nepal)

  • What will be A day on the trek?

    A trek-day starts around 6 a.m with a cup of tea/coffee. After packing your duffel and day-pack a breakfast of porridge/muesli/cornflakes/Tibetan bread/egg with tea/coffee is served. The days trek starts around 7.30-8 am Porter carry aa luggage and equipment. All you need to carry in your day-pack are water bottle, rain/wind jacket, camera and other small items you may need on the trail. All trekkers walk at their own pace accompanied by the trek guide. With the larger groups there is a lead and sweep sherpa providing support throughout. The mornings walk to three to four hours in the afternoon campsite, is usually reached between 3-4 p.m. In the afternoon and evening you can relax, wash, read or take a walk nearby.

    The evening meal is served between 6 and 7 p.m. in the dining room or in the dining tent if it is camping trek, After dinner the guide will brief trekkers on the next day's hike. Each days hike is planned so that trekkers have time to see, photograph and explore the countryside. Anyone who is healthy, fit enjoys the outdoors and hiking will qualify to participate in our treks. 

  • What is included in my trip?

    All of our holidays the following services, as described in our itinerary and on this website: internal flights( where appropriate), land transport, accommodation. meals (as specified), leaders and support staff. leaders and support staff. Please refer to our final itinerary and what include and not for the final confirmation.

  • What the Price does not include?

    Cost of visas, Vaccinations, tips for porters. guides and other staff, bar bills, drinks with meals, hotel refreshments, laundry, telephone calls, souvenirs, meals other that those specified on an itinerary, travel insurance, personal clothing and equipment. excess baggage charge etc.

  • It is okay to teak alone?

    Yes, you can. You will always meet other trekkers on the trail and in the evening. YOu will have guide and porter with you to talk and shre a story. We can also provide female guide and porter for the Female trekkers if shre prefer. Fir more info email uus or give a call.

  • How safe is it?

    On all our trips your well-being is our first priority. Our staff constantly reviews every aspect of your adventure and our expert guides are fully conversant with the demands of traveling in remote regions.


  • When hiking, how far will I walk each day?

    You will be walking 12-15 Kilometer each day depending on trek and days.

  • How can I choose a right Trekking?

    The world really is more beautiful on foot and to ensure you relish every moment, we've graded our holidays to help you find the level of walking you wish to undertake- from stretching your legs on a relaxing sightseeing's tour, to stretching yourself on a challenging high altitude trek. Whatever suits you, we've a fabulous selection opf  holidays to match your individual walking ability and spirit of adventure!

    Choosing the right walking grade to suit your ability and comfort levels key to your enjoyment. Please avoid selecting a holiday beyond your physical capabilities if needed.

  • What's it like to trek at high altitude?

    A one in a lifetime experience. The scenery is spectacular. It's like being on the roof of the world. Sporotually, well, everyone has their own ecperience. But many say they feel like they've been lifted to a higher consciousness. Astronauts circling the earth report how the image of our globe far below, forever changes the way they look at the world. For some, high altitude trekking is similar. Being exposed to such a phenomenal scale creates a mystical awareness of the majesty of our planed.

    Above 10.000 feet, some people feel mild symptoms associated with decreased oxygen levels" a small headache, some loss of appetite, a slight feeling of malaise, But the human body has great adaptive abilities. By walking at a leisurely pave. drinking lots of water, and protecting yourself from the sun, most of these symptoms either never appear, or go away with a good night's rest. The trek itineraries are designed specifically to minimize the chance of any altitude problems, and our experienced leadership is there to make sure all goes well. Should anyone begin to develop significant symptoms of altitude sickness, we have them escorted by a staff member dowm to the altitude at which they last felt well (usually the previous night's camp), and they're fine.

  • What are the washing facilities like on trekking holidays?

    For Camping trek, each morning the trekking crew will bring you a bowl of hot water so you can have a wash in the tent (bring your own flannel). On the campsite, the toilets are simple holes dug in the ground with a tent around so you have complete privacy. Outside the tent the crew leaves a large bowl of potassium permanganate solution for washing hands afterwards. On breaking camp, the crew will fill in the hole, so the process is as environmentally friendly as possible. On holidays in Nepal where we stay in Tea House some have showers though not always a supply of hot water. These also have toilets but are rarely plumbed in with a flush.

  • What Happens in the event of the bad weather?

    Weather is difficult to predict. If the weather condition is extreme, in such circumstances we would consider the  options of waiting out the weather or selecting a different itinerary if possible. No refund can be made if a trip is canceled. modified or delayed due to weather conditions. For more information you can see our refund policy.


  • I am 75. can I still travel?

    In theory, yes you can. There is no upper age limit on any of our trips. In the past 23 years we have operated many trips for the people over 75-80 years and they fully enjoyed the holiday without any complication.

  • How much weight do we have to carry on the trek?

    You will carry your day pack with warm clothes, water, snacks, sun block, camera and whatever else you need for the day. Generally it will be light, 5 to 10 kgs (10 to 20 pounds)